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How Much Value Does A Bathroom Update Add To A Home?

Jun 1

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The added value of updating the house's bathroom

House trends keep on changing every year, thanks to the home experts that we're constantly innovating ways to give every homeowner a great comfort at their property. They find ways how to come up with new designs that are useful yet add a modern elegant touch.

The part of the house that is not the main priority of most homeowners when it comes to remodeling is the bathroom. They will just think of bathroom remodeling when there is severe damage that needs to fix. We can understand that because the living room is always the priority, for it is where the family gathers together and visitors are entertained.



But some people take that as a priority because that is where we cleanse ourselves, and it should be relaxingly clean. Because some people love to meditate while soaking in a bathtub to release all the stress that they acquire for the day. Different opinions, but it shows how important that room is in every house.

Upgrading your bathroom can only add 3 to 6 % value to your home, and it also depends on the materials used and the design. You might think that it is unnecessary to upgrade it because you don't have a plan to sell it, but remodeling is an excellent investment for your property that you and your family will benefit from. Every bathroom should have a fresh and hygienic vibe, and it would be great if it had some luxurious art that could somehow increase its property value.

  • Layout plan - it is always best to have a layout plan to be easy for you to picture the designs and details you want for your bathroom.
  • Shower upgrade - having an all-new shower makes the room fresh and clean, for it is one of the room functions that are always in use.
  • Bathroom lights - if possible, let the natural light come in, making the room fresh and inviting. But if it is impossible to have enough windows to have that, great bright colors of light would make the room bigger and brighter for everyone.
  • Bathroom tiles - always make sure that you have suitable tiles, and the design should be more appealing.