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Technology is Great, boots on the Roof is the best

Apr 26


The technology that is used in the roofing industry is constantly changing. Drones and mapping technology as well as robots that can put up elements of a roof have made roofing more secure and efficient than ever before. The use of aerial photography and surveillance is not as effective as hiring contractors to check the roof.

These technologies are complemented by estimation softwarethat allows contractors to make it simple and quick to give estimates to customers. While these modern technologies are great roofing contractors should be aware of their limitations, and not make use of them as a crutch. The roofing company San Antonio can assist you with this regard professionally.


Which contemporary Technology is Suitable?

Technology, such as drones are a great tool for our business, Overson Roofing. Drones make it easier for roofing contractors to inspect roofs even in bad weather.


The art of roofing can be learned over many years of hard work. There is nothing that can improve that skill more than putting on boots on the roof. It's hard to top the experience of inspecting a roof. A drone is unable to feel weak spots that can be a problem to drain water. A drone cannot detect dry rotting, or the separation of underlayment. While drones can be used to measure but it is not able to capture the particulars that are involved in repairs to the roof. If left untreated and untreated, drones won't have the ability to recognize small issues which could lead to major issues.


We at roofing services San Antonio tx are professional roofers and strive to document every single detail of each roof we construct. It's not possible to discover every issue with a simple aerial photo along with a quotation and then go away. It's difficult to locate the relevant information better than climbing up the roof with ladders. There is no better method to do roof work.


Which option will be quite great?

Good roofing contractors have to be on top of their roofs. Technology remains an integral aspect of the roofing industry. During the height of the COVID-19 flu pandemic, we utilized a variety of virtual systems to interact with our clients to send them photos and estimates virtually. We were able communicate with our clients and keep their distance social but still be able to collaborate with them. Drones as well as aerial photography are utilized when it is unsuitable to use them on roofs like during monsoon seasons. The technology has vastly improved over the past 10 years. Our roofing company in San Antonio Texas, will show you the best strategies.


We also constantly look to introduce new and advanced roofing materials like special coatings and underlays. We have achieved some of the most significant technological advancements in the last few years with the underlays that we use. We have transitioned to using rubberized fiberglass-reinforced based sheets. This has been an important improvement in roofing technology for us , as we are located in Arizona in a state where extreme temperatures are a consistent problem for our customers. Arizona roofing can be exposed to temperatures of 150 degrees , and the rubberized fiberglass can expand and not break.


Always select a professional Roofing Contractor

Because roofing is highly regional Contractors must be aware of the climate where they are working. What is effective in Florida or California is not always the case in Arizona. Arizona roofing contractors must endure a hot and dry climate. This is different from a humid, warm, or cold climate. As professional roofing contractors are, we have a responsibility to inform and educate the customer about which type of roof and which kind of house is the best.


Solar reflective roofing shingles are also being investigated. Granules are coated with a layer which reflects heat away from the roof. These shingles aid in cooling the roof, making it more energy efficient for homeowners.


As roofing experts As roofing professionals, we Shield Roofing are always experimenting with new technologies, however the widespread adoption is a slow process due to the need to test the new tech and make sure it works. Simply because something is new in technology doesn't mean that it is a good product or an ideal fit for our customers. Each roofing contractor must be able to test and collect the information necessary to ensure that they use the most effective products and perform the top job for their clients.


Although roofing technology has evolved drastically over the years However, this doesn't mean that you have to immediately begin relying on it to complete the task. Roofers must put their shoes on the roof whenever it is appropriate to do so. This ensures that roofing contractors examine every inch of the customer's roofing, and give accurate estimates as well as the most effective installation or repair that is possible.



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