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Lentor Modern's lavish houses are widely known throughout Lentor Central

Apr 17

Lentor Modern is an urban zone that has mixed-use properties that covers over 185,000 square feet of Lentor Modern. Lentor MRT Station of the fast-growing Thomson-East Coast Line. Lentor Modern is a stunning development. Lentor Modern is a breathtaking mixed-use project that is predicted to expand to the point where it becomes the entry point into Lentor Modern into the Lentor Region. Lentor Modern is the name for the event. Lentor Modern is the urban area in the near future. Modern, modern, forward-looking and modern developments that anticipate changing living conditions of residents.

Lentor Modern forms the central piece of the puzzle which connects all of the principal components in the Lentor Hills Estate. Lentor Hills Estate. It will be directly linked to the planned Lentor MRT Station located on the Thomson East Coast Line. Lentor residents who will be Lentor will be connected to the public transportation system that will take residents towards Woodlands Regional Centre, the Central Business District and quite numerous other areas that are part of Singapore.

The view from the Showflat We are pleased to provide you a full guideline on what private owners can do through this luxurious property situated within The Lentor Modern at Lentor Central.

A fresh way to live in Lentor Central Lentor Modern is an urban mixed-use development which covers 6,50,000 square feet. This is a major change in many ways. It will help in the revitalization of regions such as Lentor Central. Lentor Central is an area that will be revitalized by constructing new public spaces, as well as changing the appearance of roads. This project is also expected to offer new services for residents in the entire region.

It's an innovative technology that's influenced by the ways of life in the years to come in the near future.

This store offers an array of services which include shopping as well as specialized eating choices. The store provides the finest conveniences to meet your daily needs. The store is expected to have more than 10,000 square feet of area that is suitable for children as well.

The Open Space Cultural and Social component in the plan brings residents of Lentol Central and other areas to revitalize the city center being built.

A large amount of greenery has been established in the adjacent modern Hillock Park and Linear Park to help change the exterior in The Lentor Modern into a contemporary and modern style that is well-known across Lentor Central.

The luxurious homes that are coming into the future are opening the doors to a modern style of urban living. There are over 600 units spread across the 25 levels. Residents can avail a wide range of amenities at Lentor Modern.

Lentor Modern located in Lentor Modern in Guocoland's exclusive zone provides residents with stunning breathtaking views of Hillock Park and Lentor Landed Estate. Access to the amenities of the city is simple because of Lentor Modern's central position within the rail line that is the Thomson East Coast Metrorail (TEL) which connects with stations located in Orchard as well as Marina South in the City Centre, Woodlands in the North and Changi Airport in the east in the near future. Residents can also link to the major lines, which include those of the Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line and the line that runs north-south, well as and the East West Line through TEL. The residential and retail components that comprise Lentor Modern will be connected to the rich and huge populace.

A stunning double Volume Sky Terrace within each tower offers breathtaking views inside the Lentor Hills property which is an absolute pleasure for all who have the privilege of taking pleasure in the view. The views are enhanced by the spectacular amenities available to residents who can relax and enjoy the view while surrounded by their family and friends.

Because of Lentor Modern its strategic position as a major component in Lentor Central as a added-in development and providing a wide range of luxurious amenities, Lentor Modern will be the most sought-after property of homeowners. It is located close to and within Lentor Central, which is situated within Lentor Central, which is located in the City Centre. Lentor Modern is anticipated to be the top evaluated property that is available to Singaporeans or inhabitants. Singapore and nearby Singaporeans as well as visitors from abroad and Singaporeans who live in the area. Be part of the very first group to stay informed of the latest information as well as be one of the first to be informed about the Showflat.

As a major project to be redesigned, Lentor Modern will quickly become a well-known urban residence that redefines what living. It is comprised of three towers that have more than 600 dwellings. The property is also an example of modern living . It also has retail stores F&B as well as supermarkets for food and childcare.

Lentor Latest applied sciences intention to enhance the enjoyment of reside in a beautiful community . The people are content and active with other people or working. Residents of the house will surely have fun and have fun across the entire region. It's a place that's adaptable and filled with light and premium materials. They are able to satisfy the requirements of each client. Lentor is known for its ability to bring natural beauty of concrete structures. It is possible for you to visit your garden and enjoy peace with the people that you love as well as your family members amid the noise and bustle of Singapore's bustling city.