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Replace Garage Door Opener Motor

Feb 17

If your garage door won't close properly, you can be in panic mode. Your garage is more than a place to park your cars. Your garage can also be used as a storage space for tools, equipment, and other household items. It's also a weak entry point into your home, which you don't want criminals using.

You may have a Replace Garage Door Opener Motor that is not closing properly and it is sticking open. Here are some reasons.

1. Power outage

It's easy to see when there is a power outage. The lights go out, the internet goes down, and the house is silent. A power outage is more apparent at night. You might need to dig a bit deeper during the day. To determine if the outage is affecting only your home, check your power supply. If your neighbor is experiencing the same problem, take precautions to reduce the risk until the power comes back on. Until the power is restored, there's not much you can do about your garage door.

2. Obstructed Safety Beam

Garage doors are safe enough to be used for residential purposes thanks to infrared safety beams. Install garage doors without them would pose a danger to small children and pets as well as adults. Garage doors can weigh from 70 to 100kg depending on the size and material. Imagine this: A garage door falling on you from the sky. It's likely to cause some serious injuries.

A possible reason your garage door may not close is that something is blocking the safety beam. Check that nothing is blocking your door's path. Clearing the door could indicate that your sensors are not aligned correctly. They might also be covered in dust, and may need to be cleaned up to return to their normal working condition.

3. Tracks that are not aligned

Garage doors that are not aligned properly or blocked may have difficulty closing. You will need to either clear the track or call a garage door technician to align the tracks and place them again. A damaged or bent roller can also make it difficult to close the garage door. However, WeFixIt Garage Door & Gate technicians will be able to resolve this problem quickly.

4. Remote Issues

Your garage door remote could be the problem. There could be many reasons why your garage door remote isn't working. It could be that the battery is dead or that it is experiencing interference. You might need to replace the battery, inspect the receiver, or get a replacement remote depending on the problem.